Sunday, 6 January 2013

Tanki Online Crystal Generator Hack

Tanki Online Free Crystal Hack was released on CracksDB and it's main goal is that you can get Tanki Crystals for free.

To get your crystals you have to enter you account and select how many crystals to get and then press Add Crystals.

First the program was developed and tested for 50 option and afterwards were added 100 and 250.
For your account security you should add a delay like 15-20 minutes between each add.
The program is easy to use and does not require any updates of your existing framework.

It works for Windows and Linux and has no viruses.

Note 1: The 250, 100 and 50 crystals options have different ways of working so if the 250 or 100 crystals option doesn't work you should try the 50 crystal option.
Note 2: The program has a buil in flood protection so after you add crystals on an account you have to wait for few minutes before you try again.

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Tanki Online Cystal Hack
Tanki Online Cystal Hack

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